TCR… what does that stand for? TriCycle and Run (www.tricycleandrun.com) is our business based out of St Michaels, Maryland. We are a full service multisport shop in our hometown. Both Jason and Laura are from the Bay Hundred area of Talbot County and moved back to the area in 2011 to open the store.

Jason had been doing work for years with local races and organizers, to include Ironman and the St Michaels Running Festival.  In 2015, TCR Event Management launched with the first event being our Pi Day Free 5k on 3/14/15. We are proud to say that we have been a part of a FREE 5k run every month, here in St Michaels, since that date.

In 2018 TCR Event Management was formalized and became its own entity, complete with an ever expanding number of events. Each year, Jason and his team help to better our local races and try to create a few new ones, to keep everyone interested in phyical activity.

The main purpose of TCR Event Management is to help provide a smooth event for both organizers, and athletes. By taking care of the details, events are enjoyable and athletes continue to come back to support the organizations that put them on.

So… what can we do to help YOU today? Reach out to us at info@tcreventmanagement.com and let us know!